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10686750_1705609612998580_1506911868734184220_nRemember the last time you read a post from me?…yea it was September 17th! Needless to say things have started running away from me and the blogging kinda fell by the wayside.

The good news is a LOT of amazing things happened last week! I taught my first FULL Zumba® class at It’s Personal Fitnessin Chelmsford (come by and see me every Thursday at 7pm!). I got to dance the night away with my…

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Zumbathons: Dancing for a Good Cause

Zumbathons: Dancing for a Good Cause

So I’ve been thinking about Zumba® and Zumbathons a lot lately, mostly because I have been given the amazing honor of participating in several that are coming up over the next few weeks. One of the things I really love about my Zumba® community is their passion for helping people, spreading joy and letting loose.

10245516_1533488276882568_6155338862740107085_nTonight I participated in a Zumba® fundraiser for Alzheimer’s. We gathered amazing…

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Where’s the Reset Button?

Where’s the Reset Button?

43ec40a92bdedc6558008662f6fc04f4What do you do when your computer starts acting funny or your phone keeps closing down apps and crashing on you? You hit restart. There’s a reason why 9 times out of 10 this little trick works. Your computer needed to shut everything down, relax for a second, reset and start over. Well people, I might not have one of those magic buttons but I had to hit restart today!

This weekend was a little…

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10 MORE Tips for New Zumba® Instructors!

10 MORE Tips for New Zumba® Instructors!

10 MORE Tips for New Zumba Instructors

10 MORE Tips for New Zumba Instructors

A couple weeks ago I took to my trusty Zumba® Facebook groups asking for advice for new Zumba® instructors. I received so many amazing tips that I had to make it a two part post (see the first post here)! I tell ya’ Zumba® peeps are the best! So without further ado, here’s another 10 tips for new Zumba® instructors!

10 MORE Tips for New Zumba® Instructors:
  1. T…

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Cherry Vanilla Almond Smoothie

Cherry Vanilla Almond Smoothie

Vanilla Almond Cherry Smoothie

Cherry Vanilla Almond Smoothie! Nom nom nom!

I know it’s late in the season…ok let’s face it the season is OVER, but I had to post this cherry vanilla almond smoothie recipe because it was just too good to not share. Luckily you can get frozen cherries year round and as an added bonus frozen fruit is the perfect replacement for ice in a smoothie.

As the owner of a sub par blender I always…

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Helping Myself with “Self Help”

Helping Myself with “Self Help”

I’m not usually one to read “self help” books. As a matter of fact I have a hard time taking them seriously. BUT as part of my new Beachbody job I’ve taken on the task of “self development” (again a phrase I usually bock at). So I started reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. As hard as I have tried to notlike this book it is like reading page after page of oracle-like knowledge. To give…

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10 Tips for New Zumba® Instructors

10 Tips for New Zumba® Instructors

ZumbaCharity-595I recently polled my AWESOME local Zumba® instructors, asking for the one piece of advice they would give to new instructors.

Can I just say that my fellow instructors are AMAZING!Ask and ye shall receive! They imparted so much advice that I’m going to have to write a couple posts to cover all their shaman-like knowledge.  So here’s the first round of advice that I thought would be a good place…

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August Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

August Foodie Pen Pal Reveal


This month I participated in The Lean Green Bean’s Foodie Pen Pal exchange for the first time and I LOVED it! I was lucky enough to receive an amazing package of goodies from Kate who blogs at Sunshine and the Bear. Be sure to check out her blog for posts about fitness, food and fun.

August Foodie Pen Pal

August Foodie Pen Pal Haul!

As you can see Kate hooked me up with some awesome snacks both sweet and salty AND a…

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Measure Twice…How to Take Weight Loss Measurements

Measure Twice…How to Take Weight Loss Measurements

Measure twice!

Measure twice!

Measure twice….once before you start your new workout program and again when your challenge is complete! The number on the scale is NOT always the best indicator of your progress. Over the last year I’ve found a strange amount of comfort in keeping track of my measurements, especially during those months where the scale doesn’t seem to move in any direction. Since I’m starting my 6…

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Friday Update: PiYo, Beachbody Coaching and Zumba!

Friday Update: PiYo, Beachbody Coaching and Zumba!

PiYo baby!

PiYo baby!

Lots of news to share today! First of all I’m starting a new workout regime….you may have seen this pic on my Instagram feed! Super excited to start PiYo! I’m a big Chalene Johnson fan! She might even tie with Jillian Michaels in terms of my love. I’ve done Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extremeand can’t give enough praise of her amazing attitude and fantastic workouts. My copy of PiYo came in…

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